Numerology For Children

 Offering a unique concept for parents and children. A personalized full numerology report based on the child’s birthdate and name is beautifully presented in a custom designed keepsake book. Displayed and protected in a quality presentation box.

The perfect keepsake gift for newborns, 1st birthdays, Christenings, naming days, First Communions, Confirmations and those older milestone birthdays…13th’s, 16th’s. 

Even those turning 18 and 21 are never too old for some life guidance! What a special gift for those launching into adulthood.

This beautiful book is also for parents who don’t even need a special occasion, and would love to read about their child’s character to assist them in the journey of parenting.

What is Numerology?....Numerology is a science of numbers that offer a method of character analysis using a birthdate and name. There are many benefits for parents to understanding the strengths and challenges that may lay ahead for their children.

To have the opportunity to gain some insight into a child’s character is a wonderful opportunity to help guide them through their life path.

To those who wish their child was born with a book of instructions, this is the next best thing!

Numerology For Children Keepsake Book


Ordering your Numerology Keepsake Book is simple…

1. Choose your colour theme

2. Choose your quote for the back page

3. Submit the child’s birthdate

4. Submit the child’s full first, middle and last name

5. Submit your personal message

6. Process your payment 

7. Email the child’s photo to